The College Student Affairs Journal

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Volume 32 #1, 2014


1. Learning to Transform: Implications for Centering Social Justice in a Student Affairs Program, Kirsten T. Edwards, Jennifer K. Loftin, Alicia D. Dance, Shaina R. Broussard, and YharNahKeeShah Smith

2. Constructing Disability: Case Studies of Graduate Students and New Professionals with Disabilities in Student Affairs, Dafina Lazarus Stewart and Kathy Collins

3. Exploring the Gender Identity Roles of Entry-Level Men in Student Affairs, Daniel W. Calhoun and Deborah J. Taub

4. An Examination of Community College Senior Student Affairs Officers’, Role Perception, Job Satisfaction, and Propensity to Leave their Institutions, Ashley Tull

5. Opposing Forces: An Organizational View of Transfer Policies and Practices, Barbara F. Tobolowsky, Rhonda McClellan, and Bradley E. Co

6. A Cycle of Retention: Peer Mentors’ Accounts of Active Engagement and Agency, Judy Marquez Kiyama, Sandra Guillen Luca, Melissa Raucci,and Shanna Crump-Owens

7. Controlling Parents Survey: Measuring the Influence of Parental Control on Personal Development in College Students, Diane E. Dreher, David B. Feldman, and Robert Numan

8. Evidence-Based Strategic Planning: Using Mixed Methods and the Social Ecological Model to Target Student Financial Stress, Margaret A. Baker and Sandra A. Sgoutas-Emch

9. The Impact of Peers and Perceptions on Hooking Up, Kristi Hoffman, Tracy Luff, and Marit Bernston

10. Academic Achievement and the Community College: Perspectives of Black Male Students on the Importance of “Focus”, J. Luke Wood and Robert T. Palmer

11. A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding First-Generation College Students’ of Color Transitions to One “Extreme” Predominantly White Institution, Dorian L. McCoy

12. Guess Who’s Coming to the Meeting? African American Student Leadership Experiences Unpacked, Bryan K. Hotchkins

13. Gender and Service-Learning: Effects on the Perceived General Self-Efficacy of Honors Undergraduates, Trae Stewart and Megan Alrutz

14. The Role of Engagement Activities on College Outcomes: A Retrospective Study of Division I Male and Female Student-Athletes, Eddie Comeaux, Eric Snyder, Laura Speer, and Maria Taustine

15. A Conceptual Model of Division-I Student-Athletes’ Career Construction Processes, Kristina M. Navarro

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