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High-Tech Tots

"There is truly a global focus on the topic with articles on work in New Zealand, Africa, Europe, and North America. This book is a must read for practitioners and preprofessionals and the educators who prepare them." Association of College and Research Libraries Choice

Trends and Issues in Distance Education 2nd Edition

"FROM E-LEARNING to m-learning and from Brazil to Mozambique, distance education comes in many shapes and sizes today. This diversity has advanced the field in many directions over the last decade, yet it has presented an important challenge for those who are considering distance education to improve performance. Namely, how do you keep up with the global trends and issues that are defining the next generation of distance education options?

The four editors of Trends and Issues in Distance Education recognized this challenge, and in response created a book that presents international distance education in a truly broad spectrum. This breadth is balanced with a writing style that illuminates practical applications that designers, developers, and other professionals can apply in a variety of contexts—including situations that do not cross international borders. The result is a very readable book that explores the theories, technologies, models, and approaches to distance education in its many forms, with a consistent focus on improving practice." Ryan Watkins George Washington University Performance Improvement, vol. 53, no. 1

Promising Practices for Fathers' Involvement in Children's Education

"This book would be a great fit for a workshop or book club to help teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and other educators learn various ways that are in place to help promote father involvement and why fathers might respond (or not respond) to certain methods." Gilda Martinez-Alba Towson University The School Community Journal

The Interdependence of Teaching and Learning

"This edited text is composed of three sections; each individually examines an aspect of the complexities involved with teaching and learning as well as the politics woven into the fabric of educational policies." Mary Shea Canisius College Teachers College Record

Exploring Cultural Dynamics and Tensions Within Service-Learning

"The book challenges educators to consider helping students identify and understand their social location and multiple priviledges (for example, race ethinicity, gender, education, sexual orientation) before entering into relationships with the communities they serve. It also challenges readers to understand the communities in which students engage, acknowledge the agency of the communities in which they work, and invite the communite into a collaborative learning process." Karen L Yonemoto Claremond McKenna College

Fostering Global Citizenship

"This book could serve as a catalyst for inspiring more faculty to consider ways of establishing team-taught courses at their respective insitutions." Joanne Maguire Robinson University of North Caroline at Charlotte

Teachers Sourcebook for Extensive Reading

"Overall, this book... represents a valuable new resource for teachers seeking useful ER activities that have been used successfully by practicing teachers. Teachers who want to implement ER in ways that are more dynamic by incorporating cooperative learning in their classrooms can also benefit from the various activities introduced in this book." Namhee Suk Northern Arizona University Reading in a Foreign Language

Participatory Evaluation Up Close

"With the possible exception of research on the influence of evaluation findings and processes, there is probably no broader body of work in the evaluation literature than research on participatory evaluation. Cousins and Chouinard have drawn on their years of experience in conducting research on participatory program evaluation, teaching about the topic, and conducting participatory studies to produce what they correctly describe as "certainly the most comprehensive review to date of the research on participatory and collaborative approaches to evaluation, and quite possibly of any other domain of interest in evaluation."" Paul R. Brandon University of Hawaii American Journal of Evaluation

In the Beginning

"An engaging retelling of well-known Biblical stories matched with well-grounded psychological insights makes “In the Beginning” a valuable resource for children and adults who care for them." Rev. Talitha Arnold Senior Minister, The United Church of Santa Fe

In the Beginning

"This remarkable book brings the bible and storytelling together in ways that will deeply enrich and enthrall children and the adults reading with them." Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University

In the Beginning

"This book makes you want to be a child again." Woodrow Kroll Founder and Past President,Back to the Bible International

In the Beginning

"Helps teachers, parents, and counselors teach children important life lessons augmenting their emotional as well as cognitive intelligence." Dr. Jerry M. Kutnick Gratz College, Philadelphia

In the Beginning

"This collection makes use of Biblical stories and wisdom, linking them to the emerging field of positive psychology, retelling them in a child-friendly way." Nathan A. Fox The University of Maryland

Books, Not Bombs

"Books, not bombs: teaching peace since the dawn of the Republic is an invaluable and extremely comprehensive account of the evolution of peace education in the USA beginning with the Iroquois Federation and with Benjamin Rush’s 1793 proposal for a national peace office down to the current challenges to peace and peace education. It is a must for the education of teacher candidates and serving teachers, and should be a required text for courses on the history of peace, introductory peace studies, and classes in American social and cultural history. It is also extremely encouraging for peace activists who can now, by reading this book, look back on a long and distinguished line of predecessors. It demonstrates a building momentum for peace." Kent D. Shifferd Northland College, Ashland, WI, USA Journal of Peace Education

Computer Games and Instruction

"This is an important book that I can highly recommend for both beginning and experienced researchers in this area, and for anyone who has an interest in computer games and their current and future use to enhance the learning process." Tim S. Roberts Teachers College Record

The Brother Code

"This book starts a conversation that is much needed. Educators and all those who care about the success of African American men should Dancy's work to be most insightful." Eric M. Mridges PsycCRITIQUES

Catholic Schools and the Public Interest

"Catholic Schools and the Public Interest is an excellent contribution to international Catholic education studies in the quality of its scholarship, the rigour of its research and the rich resource of its policy ideas for securing and enhancing the future of Catholic schools in challenging conditions.

This is a book which will establish that contemporary Catholic schools are not, as critics suggest, a private and exclusive enterprise, but an educational mission devoted to the service of the common good of all people and to the public interest of all societies.

This book has the potential to change public and political attitudes toward Catholic schools, not only in the USA but also internationally. It deserves a wide readership." Professor Gerald Grace Director, Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education. University of London, Institute of Education, UK

Catholic Schools and the Public Interest

"Catholic schools are a national treasure. At a time when the only metric of educational conversation is standardized tests, these schools remind us that a true education of persons entails so much more. Because what and how these schools teach - about education as a force for moral and social good - this book belongs in our national conversation. It deserves to be read by all constituents - researchers, politians, parents, and educators." Anthony S. Bryk President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Stanford, CA, USA

The Mismeasure of Education

"When the Obama Administration decided to spend the billions it got for schools as part of the stimulus package to launch the Race to the Top program and the NCLB waivers, forcing many states to adopt teacher evaluation based on changes in student test scores, leading experts warned that this “value added” system did not have a reliable scientific basis and would often lead to false conclusions. This sobering and important study of the long experience with this system in Tennessee (where it was invented) shows that it did not work, was unfair, and took attention away from other more fundamental issues." Gary Orfield Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA, Co-Director, Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles, UCLA

The Mismeasure of Education

"If The Mismeasure of Education offered only its penetrating new look at Conant and Coleman, it would be worth the price. But that’s just the beginning. Horn and Wilburn uncover the obsessive instrumentalist quantification and apocalyptic rhetoric soapboxed by both liberal and conservative political elites. Their autopsy of value-added accountability reveals the pathology of ed reform’s claim about teachers not being good enough for the global economy." Susan Ohanian Educator, Author, Activist