Contemporary Perspectives on Play in Early Childhood Education

Edited by:
Olivia Saracho, University of Maryland
Bernard Spodek, University of Illinois

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives in Early Childhood Education. Editor(s): Olivia Saracho, University of Maryland.

Published 2003

Introduction: Historical Descendants in Childrens Play, Olivia N. Saracho & Bernard Spodek. Understanding Play and Its Theories, Olivia N. Saracho & Bernard Spodek. Spontaneous Play in the 21st Century, Fergus Peter Hughes. Theories of Pretense, Mental Representations, and Humor Development: Answers and Questions, Doris Bergen. Play in School - The Teacher Role: Reforms and Recent Research, Ole Fredrik Lillemyr. Young Children's Play and Cognitive Style, Olivia N. Saracho. The Relation Between Play and Symbolic Thought: The Case of Mathematics Manipulatives, David H. Uttal. Play and Early Development and Education: The Instantiation of Parental Belief Systems, Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, Meera Shin, Kwanghee Jung, and Ziarat Hossain. Play in Children: An Attachment Perspective, Gary L. Creasey and Patricia Jarvis. The Teening of Early Childhood, Francine Smolucha. Play in Early Childhood Education, Bernard Spodek.