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The Construction, Negotiation, and Representation of Immigrant Student Identities in South African schools

"An important addition to the body of work on immigrant students’ schooling, The Construction, Negotiation, and Representation of Immigrant Student Identities in South African Schools examines the ways in which immigrant students’ identities are framed, challenged, asserted, and negotiated within the dominant institutional culture of schools in South Africa. In doing so, authors Vandeyar and Vandeyar broaden the literature on immigrant schooling to include an example from South Africa, rendering this population of students more visible while simultaneously filling the gap between policy and daily life." Theresa Catalano University of Nebraska-Lincoln Anthropology & Education Quarterly

Higher Education in Development

"This book is recommended for anyone in the field of comparative education interested in higher education in sub-Saharan Africa or other developing countries. Education development workers, especially those focused on finance, professional development, long-range planning, and research infrastructure would also benefit. Even those in the field working outside of the region can gain insight into the role they might play in terms of partnership and support of the region." Elizabeth R. Bruce Lehigh University Forum for International Research in Education

Multicentric Identities in a Globalizing World

"Theories, methodologies, and epistemologies grounded in mainstream psychology privilege the experimental method across disciplines to center the normative, generalizable, and universal in the study of human behavior. Nowhere is this grand narrative more visible than in education where theories of child development, behaviorism, and psychometrics dominate the field. Sergio Salvatore, Alessandro Gennaro, and Jaan Valsiner's edited volume Multicentric Identities in a Globalizing World comprises a diverse collection of global scholarship that disrupts some of the major tenets of the grand narrative of mainstream psychology. The text advances the idiographic turn in the qualitative study of human behavior with implications for a wide range of disciplines such as education." Suniti Sharma Saint Joseph's University Teachers College Record

Co-Teaching and Other Collaborative Practices in The EFL/ESL Classroom

"If teaching is an art its effectiveness rests in the work of many dedicated hands – a conviction that contributors of Coteaching and Other Collaborative Practices in the EFL/ESL Classroom unanimously share. There are many helpful books on teaching but this one is unique in its aim and concrete ways it offers “teachers to collaborate effectively” (xviii). Andrea Honigsfeld and Marla G. Dove achieve their goal of providing “an accessible resource long awaited by educators whose individual instructional practice and/or institutional paradigm shifted to a more collaborative approach to language education” (xviii). Ingeniously compiled, the twenty-six essays, divided into four parts, examine the:

rationale for teacher collaboration to support ESL/EFL instruction, presenting current, classroom-based, practitioner-oriented research studies and documentary accounts related to coteaching, coplanning, coassessing, curriculum alignment, teacher professional development, and additional collaborative practices, and offering authentic teacher reflections and recommendations on collaboration and coteaching. (xviii)" Aliou C. Niang Union Theological Seminary Wabash Center

The Language of Peace

"Finally, the book is a vital contribution to the literature in the field. It is not only a book for peace educators but also for peace studies teachers and students. The book is pregnant with conflict and conflict resolution research and teaching suggestions, and would be a useful companion for new and old peace scholars and practitioners alike." Mumbua Simon University for Peace In Factis Peace

Pathfinders in International Psychology

"Pathfinders in International Psychology will provide a rich context for our students as they explore the direction of their careers. I found the book enjoyable and engaging, as it illuminated the challenges, choices, detours and rebounds in careers of 17 psychologists, psychiatrists, and healers living from 1727 to the present across the world. " Sheila J. Henderson The General Psychologist

The Future of Evaluation in Society

"The 2011 Stauffer Symposium at the Claremont Colleges was intended to honor Michael Scriven for a half century of unflinching and unstinting leadership in evaluation. The Future of Evaluation in Society: A Tribute to Michael Scriven is the published record of this gathering. But, as editor Stewart Donaldson tells it, the guest of honor refused to attend until the spotlight turned to the future of evaluation." Linda Mabry Washington State University American Journal of Evaluation

Mathematics in Middle and Secondary School

"Karp and Wasserman's Mathematics in Middle and Secondary School provides an effective framework for exploring the domains of algebra, geometry, and discrete mathematics. The ideas in this book could be deepened with more recent research in problem solving and further exploration in probability and statistics. The first parts provide adequate pedagogical knowledge to better analyze the lesson plans and problem solving ideas presented in subsequent sections. Similarly, the first section of each chapter discusses key ideas, such as aims and objectives, standards, theoretical frameworks, and pedagogical approaches and allows readers to apply these ideas to problem solving and designing lesson plans. These discussions help readers develop a thorough understanding of sound practices in lesson planning and challenges in teaching for, about, and through problem solving." Jonathan D. Bostic & Lance Kruse Teachers College Record

Women and Leadership around the World

"Women and Leadership Around the World, edited by Susan R. Madsen, Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, Karen A. Longman, and Cynthia Cherrey, brings attention to the need for a paradigm shift in terms of understanding current issues related to gender equality and leadership. Specifically, the book breaks down the notion that women are making moderate progress toward equality in a uniform fashion and points to the heterogeneous ways in which countries around the world are addressing the need for leadership among women. The book brings to light that a majority of research and writing reflects the socioeconomic and cultural contexts of industrialized societies, labeled WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic; Henrich, Heine, & Norenzayan, 2010).

The audience for this book includes anyone who is interested in gender research, political advancements for women, oppositional movements, social change, and gender leadership in industry. The chapters, using a case study approach, are organized into four parts: (1) Middle East, (2) Europe, (3) North America, and (4) Asia Pacific. The flow of the book is that each chapter presents a case-by-case analysis from a representative country, elucidating specific examples of gender-based leadership challenges and/or solutions." Candice R. Hollenbeck University of Georgia PsycCRITIQUES

The First Sourcebook on Asian Research in Mathematics Education - 2 Volumes

"UM Mathematics Professor Bharath Sriraman recently completed a major project involving Asian mathematics education which resulted in the release of a two volume set entitled “ The First Sourcebook on Asian Research in Mathematics Education: China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and India”.

This massive effort has resulted in a 1780 page tome involving a prominent editorial team from 6 Asian countries and co-ordinating the efforts of 130+ researchers/authors. The book is a milestone for all these countries because it gives an encyclopedic state of the art of what is known in mathematics education for each of the countries." University of Montana Research

Revisiting Education in the New Latino Diaspora

"The New Latino Diaspora (NLD) refers to areas of the US that have not traditionally been home to Latinos but are experiencing—now and in recent years—an increase in their Latino populations. These rapidly shifting demographics have major implications for education systems. These implications are carefully and thoroughly excavated throughout this text in a way that is both scholarly and story-like. Editors Hamann (Univ. of Nebraska—Lincoln), Wortham (Univ. of Pennsylvania), and Murillo (California State Univ., San Bernardino) have compiled a comprehensive collection of research highlighting the heterogeneity of NLD populations in the US, as well as the improvisational nature of the response of various education systems. Each chapter explores a different facet of the NLD educational experience; each chapter is captivating in its own right, but taken together they weave an encompassing narrative on the complexity of Latino immigration and education in the US. A volume in Educational Policy and Practice: Critical Cultural Studies Series, this book is critical for individuals engaged in any aspect of educating Latino youth in the United States." M. B. Hopkins Nazareth College of Rochester CHOICE

Literacy as Gendered Discourse

"Scholarship in this volume is rich in critical theories and maintains the various intersectionalities while also being aware of and avoiding conflations of race, class and gender. The authors consistently critique power structures, and urge other practitioners and scholars to continue to think critically about issues of gendered literacies and inequity." TC Record

Blame Teachers

"Cultural shifts over the last half century have left educators vulnerable to myriad attacks from the public, politicians, and corporate entities. Battles over the means, methods, and efficacy of education, which manifest in debates over curriculum, funding, and assess-ments, limit and in some cases imperil educators’ efforts to facilitate learning. Jones (2015) levels reasoned, insightful criticisms at those who seek to restrict teachers’ praxes and abolish protections such as tenure which allow them to carry out research and expand pedagogy. The author’s useful text staunchly defends the teaching profession and exposes the mendacity of education leaders such as Arne Duncan and the detrimental effect neolib-eralism has had on the profession, primarily in charter schools. The text behooves educa-tors and those preparing to enter the field to guard themselves against cultural and politi-cal threats to the profession and to decode the language used to vilify and dismantle edu-cation in its truest sense." Jarrett Neal Aurora University Critical Questions in Education

How Management Programs Can Improve Organization Performance

"[one] of the best books of 2015 ... The world is changing rapidly, so organizations must change to succeed. The question, of course, is what to change and how. Richard E. Crandall and William Crandall bring decades of experience in manufacturing, engineering and academia to distill more than 50 business improvement programs into groups that address a variety of improvement categories, including planning, execution, cost reduction, quality improvement, performance measurement and response time. This gives readers a handy guide to decide which program, from just-in-time to lean to service-oriented architecture, will be most appropriate for your operational needs. Each program’s philosophy and principles are discussed, along with how to use the programs to achieve optimum success." Michael Hughes Industrial Engineer

Girls and Women in STEM

"The aim of analyzing the core purpose of contemporary universities is a highly welcome one, considering that institutions of higher education today are rapidly changing and highly exposed and susceptive to shifting political regimes of governance. These pressures interfere with the institutional autonomy they have achieved to varying degrees, depending upon the different political and historical contingencies and the social contexts they are situated in. The situation calls for differentiated and comparative analytical approaches to meet the promise of the title of the book, talking about ‘the core’ purpose and ‘the coming’ of certain threats against academic freedom." Claus Emmeche Københavns Universitet Science & Education

Promising Practices for Engaging Families in Literacy

"This book is a timely addition that brings us back to the origin of children’s literacy development in an enriched family environment. This is refreshing in light of standardized assessments and Common Core State Standards related movements in education. One key principle for literacy instruction is to start where the learner is (National Academy of Science, 1999). Understanding the influences of children’s literacy skills beyond the school wall informs us of who they are and provides insight into how we assist children in learning.

It provides ample program practices with a moderate literature review which clearly illustrate perspectives about the family’s role in children’s literacy development. Readers will find the program approaches informative, which may help generate more ideas to suit their own practice. Though being literacy-focused, the ideas could be applied to different subject areas. Additionally, the approaches could be useful for all levels of education from preschool to adulthood. For educators and practitioners involved in family learning programs and seeking ideas to inspire family engagement project development, this book is a great resource for expanding the repertoire of family literacy practices." Grace H.C. Huang Cleveland State University Journal of Family Strengths

Pathfinders in International Psychology

"In conclusion, this book was quite revealing and informative, particularly with respect to describing the efforts of outstanding professionals during the 1700s and 1800s. The broad lens and foci placed on these professionals worldwide resulted in a publication that is highly unusual, rich in context, cultural perspective, and nuance, and also rich in its exploration and explanation of the creation and implementation of theoretical, methodological, and practical innovations and discoveries. The importance and critical urgency for psychologists to be knowledgeable about what is now labeled cross-cultural, cultural, indigenous, and international psychology is readily apparent throughout this book." Dr. Lawrence Gerstein & Dr. Yuichung Chan Ball State University PsycCRITIQUES

Life Stories

"An ubiquitous complaint about the analytical and topical studies historians often produce is that the lives of people, their daily struggles, the weight of their choices in tense moments, the connection between the personal and the professional, and the defining themes of their lives and careers are absent or underappreciated. Biography can address this complaint by offering important ways to critically connect people and their lives to larger ideas and events. Life Stories: Exploring Issues in Educational History Through Biography, a collection of essays by Linda C. Morice and Laurel Puchner, is an important, stimulating effort to bring biographical perspectives to educational history." Carlos Kevin Blanton Teachers College Record

Doing Race in Social Studies

"Like many books written by and for school teachers, Doing Race in Social Studies goes beyond generalities and platitudes to show what actual teachers and teaching materials are bringing to the classroom. That is, the book takes concepts and theories and makes them practical, giving teachers ideas and models of things that they can actually implement in their own teaching." Jack David Eller Anthropology Review Database

Pathfinders in International Psychology

"...the book constitutes a major contribution to international and cultural psychology by a unique team of editors and authors of 14 nationalities. Collectively, they have elucidated the intertwining of universal, cultural, and personal threads of behavior as they have ben brought to light by the distinguished pioneers and innovators whose efforts span more than two centuries. The book will be of interest to a widening circle of psychologists who are curious about the vicissitudes of their discipline across space and time. Beyond disciplinary boundaries, it will alos appear to cultural anthropologists, comparative sociologists, and social historians." Juns G. Draguns, PhD Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University International Psychology Bulletin
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