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Client-Consultant Collaboration

Coping with Complexity and Change

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A volume in the series: Research in Management Consulting. Editor(s): Anthony F. Buono, Bentley University.

Published 2009

The tenth volume in the Research on Management Consulting series—Client–Consultant Collaboration: Coping with Complexity and Change—draws on papers presented at the Academy of Management’s Management Consulting Division International Conference on this theme in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2007. The volume presents twelve chapters that explore a broad range of questions and concerns that illustrate the scope and complexity of the consultant–client relationship. The chapters illustrate the richness and excitement that takes place not only in research on consulting but also in its application as the various empirical analyses of consulting in practice portray.

Introduction. Anthony F. Buono and Flemming Poulfelt. PART I: THE CLIENT-CONSULTANT RELATIONSHIP. Clients’ Different Moves in Managing the Client-Consultant Relationship, Mirela Schwarz and Timothy Clark. Inside the Client-Consultant Relationship: Consulting as Complex Processes of Relating, Stephen Billing. Systemic Concepts of Intervention, Michael Mohe and David Seidl. PART II: CHANGE CAPACITY IN CONSULTING. Enhancing Change Capacity: Client-Consultant Collaboration in Creating a Foundation for Emergent Change, Kenneth W. Kerber and Anthony F. Buono. The Experience of being Changed through Consulting, Catherine Palmer-Woodward and Don MacLean. Creating World Class OD through Collaboration: Blending the Roles of Internal Corporate Consulting and the University, Therese Yaeger, Philip Anderson, Peter Sorensen and Ghazala Ovaice. PART III: INCREASING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF CLIENTCONSULTANT COOPERATION. Sharing Across Boundaries: The Dual Role of Being Both a Consultant and a Client, Susan L. Sweem. Challenge as an Outsider - Know as an Insider: Client Experiences of Collaboration with Consultants, Irene Skovgaard Smith. The Need for Management Advisory Services: A Consequence of Institutionalization, Organization, and Trust, Staffan Furusten and Andreas Werr. PART IV: TRUST AND POWER IN CONSULTING. Mapping the Client’s Political Terrain: A Model of Analysis for Consultants, Alberto Zanzi and Susan M. Adams. Power Bases and Power Use in Consultancy, Ben Emans, Astrid Boogers and Janka Stoker. You Can’t Improvise on Nothin': Attaining Trust in the Client-Consultant Relationship, Lovisa Näslund. About the Authors.

> Management Consulting

Challenges and Issues in Knowledge Management

Creative Consulting: Innovative Perspective on Management Consulting

Current Trends in Management Consulting

Developing Knowledge and Value in Management Consulting

Enhancing Inter-Firm Networks & Interorganizational Strategies

Socio-Economic Intervention in Organizations: The Intervener-Researcher and the SEAM Approach to Organizational Analysis

Mastering Hidden Costs and Socio-Economic Performance

Board Members and Management Consultants: Redefining the Boundaries of Consulting and Corporate Governance

Emerging Trends and Issues in Management Consulting: Consulting as a Janus-Faced Reality

Work and People: An Economic Evaluation of Job Enrichment

Consultation for Organizational Change

The Changing Paradigm of Consulting: Adjusting to the Fast-Paced World

The Qualimetrics Approach: Observing the Complex Object

Preparing Better Consultants

An Evolving Paradigm: Integrative Perspectives on Organizational Development, Change, Strategic Management, and Ethics

Facilitating Collaboration in Public Management

Exploring the Professional Identity of Management Consultants

The Dynamics and Challenges of Tetranormalization

Facilitating the Socio-Economic Approach to Management: Results of the First SEAM Conference in North America

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