College & Career Readiness & Success

What is it and how do we measure it?

Edited by:
Becky Smerdon, Quill Research Associates, LLC
Kellie Kim

A volume in the series: Research on High School and Beyond. Editor(s): Becky Smerdon, Quill Research Associates, LLC. Kathryn M. Borman, University of South Florida.


The U.S. Department of Education has issued a challenge to states, school districts and colleges and universities across the nation: By 2020, all learners should be ready for and successful in college and careers[1]. Policy makers and educators have taken on this challenge, but many are struggling with fundamental questions:

• What does it mean to be ready for and successful in college? In careers?
• How can these terms be defined, measured, and attained?

To achieve the goals of readiness and success, educational leaders and practitioners, as well as students, parents, and even employers, need to have a solid definition of these terms—one that is clear, actionable, and can be measured and tested.

This volume of High School and Beyond will focus on a variety of theoretical, empirical, and practical approaches to define CCRS and measure it.

Sections to be featured in the book include:
• Frameworks and recommendations for supporting states and localities to define what they expect their students to know and be able to do when they graduate high school
• Research and state/local approaches to measuring CCRS
• Examples and recommendations of how to align definitions and measures to impact policy and programmatic decisions

Potential authors are invited to submit proposals that include the following:
• Name(s) and contact information
• One page that describes your manuscript idea and which section it would fall under

Upon receipt, the editors will review your proposal and, if accepted, contact you to discuss the content and timeline for your manuscript submission.

Manuscripts: Length should fall between 20 and 30 pages (inclusive of all references and appendices) and should follow APA format.
Timeline: Proposals due by August 1, 2015
Submission: Please submit proposals to Becky Smerdon,


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