Dignity of the Calling

Educators Share the Beginnings of Their Journeys

Edited by:
Andrew T. Kemp, Augusta University

In Press 2018

The purpose of this Dignity of the Calling is to share other stories of faculty entry into higher education. These stories focus on the deeply personal nature of the new academic. Framed around the idea of curriculum being contextual and how life experience guides what we do, this collection of memoirs, recollections, and personal narratives allows the reader to share these lived experiences.

Although I was a teacher prior to the entering the professoriate, I was not ready for the gargantuan professional and personal transition to higher education. I was not prepared for minutiae of forms, deadlines of inter-office programs, personalities, and most of all for the human and sometimes illogical relationships among colleagues. I was caught off-guard by the nuanced thinking of students; and most of all, I was, at times, overwhelmed by the time constraints of research, teaching and service on me and my family. However, I survived, and I believe I thrived in in my small slice of the academic world.

Foreword. Introduction. SECTION I: TRANSFORMATIONAL SCHOLARS. Self and Social Formation and the Political Project of Teaching: Some Reflections, Peter McLaren. Toward Becoming a University Professor Who Teaches Education: Some Note for Possible Deliberation, O.L. Davis, Jr. My Life in an Evolving University, Marcella L. Kysilka. Reflections on Reward and the Hidden Curriculum of Academe, William H. Schubert. SECTION II: JOURNEYS OF TIMES AND SPACE. SECTION III: JOURNEYS OF PERSPECTIVE. SECTION IV: CONTEMPORARY SCHOLARS. Strange Roads are the Easiest Roads: Academic Journeys of the 21st Century, David Callejo Perez. First Year Lessons: Striving for Imperfection, David Flinders. Telephone Books, Teddy Bears, and the Tenure Track, Brian D. Schultz. SECTION V: DISCOVERING A PLACE: A JOURNEY. SECTION VI: JOURNEYS OF THE SELF. SECTION VII: EMERGING SCHOLARS. From Oz to Reality: A Personal Journey in a Wonderful Land, William L. White. What’s Love Got to Do With It? Explorations on Emotion as a Tool for Professional Growth and Transformation, Samara Madrid and Cynthia B. Dillard. Out to Save the World, Dana Haraway. The Road to Somewhere: The Passing and Evolution of an Academic, C. Steven Page. A Doctorate, a Baby, and a Professorship – Oh My! It’s All About Perspective, Erin Evans. Humanizing the Tenure Process: Toward a Pedagogy of Heart, Lilia D. Monzó. Origins and Payment Forward: Reflections on My Path to Social Justice Education and Advice to New Faculty, Joseph Flynn. SECTION VIII: TRAVELLING COMPANIONS. SECTION IX: AN ACADEMIC TRAVEL GUIDE. Conclusion: The Curriculum of I am/We are.