Recruiting, Retaining, and Engaging African-American Males at Selective Prestigious Research Universities

Challenges and Opportunities in Academics and Sports

Edited by:
Louis A. Castenel Ph.D., University of Georgia
Tarek C. Grantham Ph.D., University of Georgia
Billy J. Hawkins Ph.D., University of Houston

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Access, Equity, and Achievement. Editor(s): Chance W. Lewis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

A problematic, yet uncommon, assumption among many higher education researchers is that recruitment, retention, and engagement of African-American males is relatively similar and stable across all majority White colleges and universities. In fact, the harsh reality is that selective public research universities (SPRUs) have distinctive academic cultures that increase the difficulty of diversifying their faculty and student populations. This book will discuss how traditions and elitist assumptions make it very difficult to recruit, retain, and engage African-American males.

The authors will examine these issues from multiple perspectives in three sections that highlight research, policies and practices impacting the experiences of of African American, including Pre-Collegiate Preparation, African American Male Student Athletes, and Undergraduate and Graduate Considerations for African American Male Initiatives. Whether it is academic and/or athletics, the struggle for African-American males to be successful and fully engage in student life is often overlooked by SPRUs. We offer an analysis of current issues and propose recommendations to better understand how African-American males perceive their status and how SPRUs might recognize and address racial discrimination, intentional or unintentional, and other oppressive structures.

Chapter 1. Introduction, Louis A. Castenell, Tarek C. Grantham and Billy J. Hawkins. Section I Pre-Collegiate Preparation of African American Males Louis A. Castenell and Tarek C. Grantham. Chapter 2. The Evolution of Selective Public Research Universities: The Education of The Elite at the Public Expense, Louis Castenell & Quincy Brewington. Chapter 3. African American Males’ Academic Preparation in K-12 Settings for Highly Selective Universities, Natoya Hill Haskins and Kelley Olds. Chapter 4. Gifted Black Males: Understanding and Decreasing Barriers to Achievement and Identity, Gilman Whiting. Section II: African American Male Student Athletes Billy Hawkins and Louis Castenell Chapter 5. Developing and Nurturing Excellence in African American Male Adolescents, Deryl Bailey and Pam Paisley. Chapter 6. College Athletics: Access and opportunity for Black Male Athletes at Selective Research Universities, Billy Hawkins. Chapter 7. Changing the Game: When Black Professors Engage Black Athletes, Louis Harrison Jr, Alvin Logan, Devin Walker and Leonard Moore. Chapter 8. African American Student Athletes & Engagement in the College Student Experience, Joy Gayles and Eddie Comeaux. Chapter 10. Deconstructing “Gods and Monsters”: Black Men, Manhood, and College Athletics, T. Elon Dancy II and Larry Birdine. Chapter 11. When the Lights Dim and the Crowd Fades: Black Male Student-Athletes, College Transition, Persistence and Theory, Eugene T. Parker, Jarvis A. McCowin, Nicholas Katopol, Tevin Robbins, Anthony Ferguson and Malik S. Henfield. Chapter 12. Crouching Talents, Hidden Gifts: The Dualism of Academic Excellence and Athletic Development for African American, Gifted Student-Athletes at Selective Prestigious Research Universities, Kristina Henry Collins and Andre Mark Perry. Section III: Undergraduate and Graduate Considerations for African American Male Initiatives Louis Castenell, Tarek Grantham, Quincy Brewington and Mansur Buffins. Chapter 13. ‘We are AAMRI’: Redefining Black male excellence at The University of Texas at Austin, Darren D. Kelly, Martin P. Smith and Cameron McCoy. Chapter 14. Creating Cultures of Inclusion and Climates of Success at Select Prestigious Research Universities, Zoe Johnson. Chapter 15. Using Social Closure Theory to Guide Higher Education Decision Making, Jerlando Jackson and Walter Parish. Chapter 16. African American Males in TRIO Programs, Daniel Isaiah Thompson. Chapter 17. African American Men in STEM: A Review of Research and New Directions, Darris R. Means and Raphael D. Coleman. Chapter 18. The Georgia African American Male Initiative Partnership with The Black Male Leadership Society, Tarek Grantham, Louis Castenell and Mansur Buffins. Chapter 19. Shades of Black: Examining Law School Enrollment Stratification across Ethnic and Gender Lines, Walter R. Allen, Darryl McAdoo and Ramon Gomez.