The Method of Imagination

Edited by:
Sheldon Brown, University of California San Diego
Luca Tateo, Aalborg University, Denmark

A volume in the series: Innovations in Qualitative Research. Editor(s): Luca Tateo, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Though many psychological theories refer to imagination as a relevant phenomena, we still lack knowledge about imaginative processes. The book “The method of imagination” is aimed at expanding the knowledge about imaginative processes as higher mental function, by starting from the empirical and phenomenological innovative studies.

The volume is an innovative multidisciplinary exploration in the study of imaginative processes as complex phenomena. It covers a wide range of fields, from psychology to sociology, from art and design to marketing and education. The book gathers young and experienced scholars from 6 different countries worldwide, providing a fresh look into the theoretical, methodological and applicative aspects of imagination studies.

The audience for this book includes scholars and students in social and human sciences interested in the study and the use of imaginative processes. The volume can be also used as textbook/integrative reading in undergrad and master courses.

Series editor preface: Luca Tateo. 1. Introduction, Sheldon Brown. Part I: theoretical and methodological explorations 2. Intuition, imagination and innovation within qualitative research practices, Maria Cláudia Santos Lopes De Oliveira. 3. Imagination: a Dialogical Perspective, Joao Salgado. 4. Imaginary Data: What Can Paintings Offer Theory Building In Psychology, Jaan Valsiner. 5. Visual Identity development and imagination, Morten Noer Andersen. Part II: empirical and phenomenological explorations 6. The Reciprocation of Materialized Imagination. Thinking Materiality and Technology into Everyday Imagination and Engagements, Stephan Sieland. 7. Imagination and children's individual plays, Shuangshuang Xu. 8. Imagination in the Intervention for Adolescent Girls with School Refusal Behavior, Jing Wang. 9. Imagining a Wishful Future: Individual Engagement and Social Change, Kevin Carriere. 10. Young children’s imagination in exploration and supportive condition, Min He. 11. Applied Imagination in Youth Football Practice, ,i>Ludvig Rasmussen. 12. Imagination and common perceptions of aging and the life of elderlies, Ditte Stilling Borchorst and Sara Chaves. 13. Constructing the Collective Aura: Imaginative Processes in Group Dynamics in an Educational Setting, Zhang Qian. 14. Looking ahead and looking back - How a child imagines and remembers a day with the "Make a Wish Foundation", Filipa Krolo. 15. Clothing and Imagination, Alexander Breckwoldt. 16. Conclusion: Luca Tateo and Sheldon Brown. References. Analytical index. List of figures.

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