Research in Second Language Learning

Editorial Board: Bogum Yoon, Editor, State University of New York at Binghamton. JoAnn Hammadou Sullivan, Founding Editor, University of Rhode Island. Minhee Eom, University of Texas-Pan American. L. Kathy Heilenman, University of Iowa. Keiko Koda, Carnegie Mellon University. Kimi Kondo-Brown, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Scott McGinnis, Defense Language Institute. Lia Plakans, University of Texas at Austin.

The field of second language learning research has grown rapidly in recent years. Educators have become increasingly aware that pedagogical knowledge varies significantly from one subject domain to the next and that findings from educational research in one domain are not necessarily applicable to the next. Researchers in second language learning are adding to our understandings of secondlanguage specific pedagogy. There exists a need, therefore, for an outlet for these ever improving understandings of this content-specific pedagogy. The new book series, Research in second Language Learning, will provide just such an outlet. The series invites articles from all methodological approaches to research. The series will promote a research-based approach to the decision-making process in second language teaching/learning.

Call for Book Proposals

For the book series volume 12, we invite the scholars and researchers in the field of second language and literacy to submit the proposals on the edited or authored book. Interested scholars/researchers from around the world are welcome. The topics are wide open, but we are particularly interested in the work which will bring new insights to the second language and literacy field.

Book proposals include the following:

1) book title, 2) purpose, 3) rationale, 4) contents, 5) tentative timeline, & 6) author/editor’s brief bio.

Book proposal due: June 30, 2016.

Please submit proposals to the series editor, Bogum Yoon, byoon@binghamton.edu

Bogum Yoon
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