Charles S. White

Social Science Education Consortium

Dr. Charles S. White, Ph.D, currently serves as Executive Director of the Social Science Education Consortium and was Associate Professor and coordinator for PK-12 History/Social Studies at the Boston University (BU) School of Education. Over 22 years, he taught elementary and secondary social studies methods courses, as well as Project Citizen, a required pre-service course he designed for action civics. He received a BA from Harvard College in 1974, with a major in government, an MAT in secondary social studies education from Colgate University, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University, also in social studies education.. Dr. White spent five years as a high school social studies teacher in New Hampshire and Vermont, teaching a range of content areas, including U.S. history, civics, Russian history, Asian Studies (China and Vietnam), civic and criminal law, and cultural anthropology. More recently, he conducted online courses in social studies methods and civic education for students and teachers in Kansas and India.

Dr. White co-authored a K-12 curriculum framework for the Teaching with Historic Places project, winner of the 1995 National Endowment for the Arts Federal Design Achievement Award. The framework was developed for the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Park Service. He was also co-author of Houghton Mifflin’s Social Studies elementary textbook series (2008). For 15 years, Dr. White was BU coordinator for the Civitas@Eurasia partnership (Center for Civic Education), a collaboration with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Mongolia to revamp civics curriculum and teacher education to support the development of civil society and democratic institutions. He has also shared his experience and expertise with civics teachers and education ministry officials in South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Indonesia. In 2009, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick appointed him to the Massachusetts Special Commission on Civic Engagement and Learning. He currently resides in the Boston area.