Dr. Issa M. Saleh

Bahrain Teachers College in University of Bahrain

Dr. Issa M. Saleh is an Associate Professor at the University of Bahrain. He received Bachelor of Science, Master and Doctorate in Education from the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, USA.Dr. Issa’s credentials include the distinctive professional certification required to teach Science and administrate schools (k-12) in the State of Florida, USA. He has taught at A. Phillip Randolph Academy of Technology (APR) for several years and also taught at Emirates College for Advanced Education, University of North Florida and Florida Community College in Jacksonville Florida, USA. Dr. Issa was the science department head and principal investigator in understanding of science teaching and learning at APR for in-service science teachers for several years and later the Dean of Students Services and Curriculum Instruction at APR . His most recent books are Fostering Scientific Habits of Mind: Pedagogical Knowledge and Best Practices in Science Education. Rotterdam, the Netherland: Sense Publishers. (2009), Transformative Leadership and Educational Excellence:Learning Organizations in the Information Age. Rotterdam, the Netherland: Sense Publishers (2009) and New Science of Learning: Computers, Cognition and Collaboration in Education. New York, USA: Springer Publisher (2010).