Gina Thésée

University of Quebec à Montreal

Gina Thesee is Full Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, Faculty of Education, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and is also Co-Chair of the UNESCO Chair in Democracy, Global Citizenship and Transformative Education (DCMÉT). She completed undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of natural sciences and of education. She is the past Director of the Bachelor in Secondary Education program, and is currently a member of the Committee for Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs (CAPFE), an advisory committee to the Quebec Ministry of Education in Quebec. She is a researcher in the Research Center for environmental and ecocitizenship education (Centr’ERE), and is an associate member professor of the Institute of Sciences, Technologies and Advanced Studies in Haiti (ISTEAH). On a regular basis, she participates in the activities of International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 (UNESCO). She is interested in the socio-educational contexts related mainly to colonization, culture, ethnicity, gender and race. Her theoretical framework for transformative and emancipatory education is rooted in critical perspectives, and borrows from diverse critical currents, such as anti-colonialism, antiracism, democracy, environmentalism, feminism, indigeneity or transculturalism. She is Co-Investigator in the Research Project “Democracy, political Literacy and Transformative Education”. In 2006, she was Laureate for the Montreal Black History Month, which honoured her for her work in the Black community.