John P. W. Hudson

Retired teacher. Richmond SD#38 BC Canada; Nanshan Experimental School, Shenzhen, China

I have just retired from a 35 year career in teaching. My experience includes 20 years teaching secondary music and business education; 13 years teaching grade 5,6, &7 classroom, and 2 years teaching a grade 7 & 8 demonstration English class in Shenzhen, China. I was seconded from my school district for two years to establish a demonstration class for Chinese teachers to experience Western teaching methods.

I have always been active in professional development and I completed my Master's degree in curriculum and assessment in 1997. My curiosity with how people learn is central to why I was seconded to China in 2007 and have written a book called "Pathways between Eastern and Western Education" in 2009. The book is both a culmination of what I have learned about learning and teaching, and also a book designed to promote discussion and debate about educational issues. It is not intended to be a book of lesson plans or strategies, although some are presented as examples. My hope is that educational reform in Asia and the West is further enabled through dialogue and debate arising from my writing.