Kathleen F. Malu

William Paterson University

Dr. Malu is professor at William Paterson University and research fellow at the University of South Africa. With more than 40 years of experience in education, Dr. Malu’s research focuses on middle level issues including teaching, teacher preparation, and literacy learning worldwide. Noteworthy publications at IAP are two volumes in The Handbook of Research in Middle Level Education series, Research on Teaching and Learning with the Literacies of Young Adolescents (K. Malu & M. B. Schaefer, editors) and Voices from the Middle (editor), chapters in Making a Difference: Action Research in Middle Level Education (M. Caskey, editor) and An International Look at Educating Young Adolescents (S. Mertens, V. Anfara, & K. Roney, editors), and an article in the Middle Grades Research Journal. Dr. Malu lectures and facilitates workshops on topics from middle level education to English language learning and literacy. As a consultant for domestic and international organizations, Dr. Malu provides audiences with thoughtful, engaging presentations that are easy and relevant to use in a wide variety of settings.