Keri-Anne Croce

Towson University

Dr.Croce's research focuses on literacy and assessment with multilingual learners. She has articles in journals such as Linguistics and Education and The Journal of Early Childhood Literacy. She has presented at conferences such as the American Educational Research Association and The National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention.

Her grants include funding from Center for the Expansion of Language and Thinking Reading Miscue Research Awards and the National Art Education Association. She is a reviewer for journals such as Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice and Journal of Early Childhood Literacy.

She is an educator who has been working with multilingual learners for over two decades. Her work with Burmese Refugee students was reported on in Arbutus Times.

You are welcome to join other educators, families, and administrators as they discuss topics related to literacy and assessment. Just go to the blog for Navigating Assessment for Linguistically Diverse Learners at