Paula Dawidowicz

Walden University

Paula Dawidowicz has been conducting research for over 30 years, with over 15 years' experience helping higher education students succeed at critical and higher order thinking, writing, and argumentation, including almost 10 years as university faculty and dissertation supervisor. She's worked on analysis of program and policy, conflict, social interactions, and organizational and systems thinking in everything from international to local environments. Getting bitten by the research and critical thinking bugs as a high school debater, she ultimately earned a Ph.D. with a focus on research methods, educational sociology and anthropology, and development of higher order thinking skills. Since then, she's held positions conducting research or instruction at several higher education institutions.

Paula uses a "Grandma Moses style" of simple, direct information delivery filled with analogies and descriptive illustrations. Her books, articles, and tutorials share insights and techniques using this "Grandma Moses style" that makes them accessible to everyone.