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    Volume 6 #2, 2009

    FEATURED ARTICLES. SPOTLIGHT ARTICLE: Virtual Schools: What Every Superintendent Needs To Know, Zane Berge and Tom Clark. Discretion In A Distance Learning Environment: Ethical Considerations In A Virtual Classroom, Robert Carter. The Potential of Asynchronous Video in Online Education, Michael E. Griffiths and Charles R. Graham. How Does The Use of Interactive Whiteboards Affect Teaching And Learning? Derek S. Kaufman. Teaching Online: Growth In Online Education, Chad McAllister. Florida Virtual School Paves The Way In Distance Education, Mike Findley. Pioneering The Use Of Learning Management Systems In K-12 Education, Ezra E. Hill, Jr. The Student-teacher Digital Divide And Six New Technology Roller Coaster Rides, Lester Towell. COLUMNS. ENDS AND MEANS: Are Students Today Really Different? by Natalie B. Milman. TRY THIS Responding to Online Student E-Mails and Other Posts: The Good, the Ugly, and The Confused by Errol Craig Sull. AND FINALLY ... Britannica (Not Wikipedia) by Michael Simonson.