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Volume 5 #1, 2008

SPOTLIGHT PROGRAM. Meeting The Shifting Perspective: The Iowa Communications Network, John Gillispie, Joseph Cassis, Tami Fujinaka, and Gail McMahon. Facilitating Adoption Of Technology In Higher Education, Dustin L. Annan. Career Readiness Credential: Assessing And Improving Workforce Skills To Meet The Needs Of Employers In The Information Age, Terry Ausman. A Historical Perspective And Look Forward At The E-learning Industry, Stephen Gatlin. Videoconferencing: What Teachers Need To Know, Jennifer French. Closing The Distance: Success Coaching For Online Education Goes Mainstream, Alan Tripp. Online Social Networks: Educational Benefits And Dangers, William Derrick. Chats And Shared Understanding: How Instructors Can Help Learners Use Academic Chat Rooms, David S. Stein and Constance E. Wanstreet. National Distance Education Trends And Issues: Intellectual Property, Sharon DeVary. The Virtual College Of Texas: United We Stand, Jeff Getchell. Learning Management System Implementation: Building Strategic Change, Sandra A. Sallum. E-training To Communities Of Practice As A New Key Toward Globalization Strategies Within Venezuelan Companies, G. Viswanathappa. Effectiveness Of E-content On The Concept Attainment Model Over Teaching Competence At Secondary Level, Lili Steiner. COLUMNS. ENDS AND MEANS. Quality in Distance Learning, Michael Corry. If e-Learning is the Solution, What is the Problem? Ryan Watkins. AND FINALLY ... Contaminated Courses, Michael Simonson.