Race, Ethnicity and Education

What is Taught in Schools

Edited by:
David Scott, Lincoln University - UK

A volume in the series: International Perspectives on Curriculum. Editor(s): David Scott, Lincoln University - UK.

Published 2003

Introduction. Myths and History in the Making of Race and Ethnicity. What is Not Taught in School: The Origin of British North America and Racial Slavery. “City Upon a Hill:” The Contradictions of Humanism and Exceptionalism on the Road to Revolution. American Revolution to the Civil War: Abolition and the Invention of Racism. The Great Divide: The Civil War to Modern Racism. Education and the Melting Pot: Ethnicity in the Era of Jim Crow. The Civil Rights Movement: The Long Road to Justice. Educational Opportunity and the Politics of Identity Today. Conclusion: Understanding the Past for Today and All Tomorrows. Bibliography.