Teaching Language and Content to Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students

Principles, Ideas, and Naterials

Edited by:
Yu Ren Dong, Queens College, CUNY

A volume in the series: Contemporary Language Education. Editor(s): Terry Osborn, South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee.

Published 2006

This book is intended for high school content teachers, preservice teachers preparing to teach in a subject matter area, college faculty involved in both pre-service and in-service teacher preparation, curriculum developers, and policy makers in teacher education. They will find teaching principles as well as concrete ideas for teaching content subject matter knowledge to diverse students.

Second Language Acquisition for Adolescents. Listening to English Language Learners' Stories and Adjusting Teaching to their Backgrounds and Needs. Assessing and Evaluating ELL Learners in Mainstream Classes. Tapping into English Language Learners’ Prior Knowledge. Teaching Disciplinary Specific Vocabulary to English Language Learners. Second Language Reading Instruction in Mainstream Classes. Second Language Writing Instruction in Mainstream Classes. Second Language Listening/Speaking Instruction in Mainstream Classes. Appendix A: Topic Oriented Mathematical Non-fiction Reading. Appendix B: Multicultural Literature by English Language Proficiency Level. Appendix C: ESL Internet Resources.