Challenging Perspectives on Mathematics Classroom Communication

Edited by:
Anna Chronaki, University of Thessaly
Iben Maj Christiansen, University of Kwas-Zulu-Natal

A volume in the series: Cognition, Equity & Society: International Perspectives. Editor(s): Bharath Sriraman, University of Montana.

Published 2006

Part I: Introduction. Challenging Perspectives on Mathematics Classroom Communication: From Representations to Contexts, Interactions and Politics. Part II: Contributed Chapters. Theme I: Communication: register, representations, context(s). Humans-with-Media: Transforming Communication in the Classroom Integrating Different Representational Media in Geometry Classrooms. Theme II: Communication: social interactions, social setting, classroom activity. Communication in the Mathematics Classroom: Argumentation and Development of Mathematical Knowledge. Understanding Mathematical Induction in a Co-Operative Setting: Merits and Limitations of Classroom Communication amongst Peers. Conflicts and Harmonies Amongst Different Aspects of Mathematical Activity. Theme III: Communication: practice, community, identity, politics. Sharing Shoes and Counting Years: Mathematics, Colonalisation and Communication Error! Bookmark not defined. School Mathematics: Discourse and the Politics of Context. Critical Communication in and through Mathematics Classrooms. Part III: Reflective Commentaries. Commentary 1: Challenging Discourse. Commentary 2: Challenging Perspectives. Commentary 3: Challenging Research Reading.