Promising Practices for Family Involvement in Schooling Across the Continents

Edited by:
Diana Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University

A volume in the series: Family School Community Partnership Issues. Editor(s): Diana Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University. Holly Kreider, The Heising-Simons Foundation. Michael P. Evans, Miami University.

Published 2005

Recipient of AERA Outstanding Contributions Relating Theory to Practice Award: Interpretive Scholarship for 2004

Chapter I: Global Overview of Family-School Involvement, Diana B. Hiatt-Michael. Chapter II: The Cultural Context of Parental Participation and Scandinavian/Western European Issues, Birte Ravn. Chapter III: Family-Community Involvement Practices in West Africa, Binta M. Colley. Chapter IV: Family-School-Community Partnerships in Russia: Traditions and Innovations, Ida Jeltova and Yuri Gatanov. Chapter V: Brazilian Perspectives on Family-School Involvement, Aline Maria de Medeiros Rodrigues Reali and Regina Maria Simoes Puccinelli Tancredi. Chapter VI: Family and Community Involvement in Quebec Schools, Rollande Deslandes and Andre Lemieux. Chapter VII: Neighbors Across the Border: Parental Involvement in Texas and Mexico, Arminta Lee Jacobson. Chapter VIII: Building Family-School Relationships in Australia and New Zealand: Debates, Dilemas, and Promising Directions, Patricia Thomson. Chapter IX: Parental Involvement in East Asian Schools, William Jeynes. Chapter X: The Contribution of Family Involvement and Investment on Students’ Literacy Performance: A Comparative Study of the US and Three Asian Societies Utilizing PISA, Esther Sui-cho.