Mathematical Cognition

Edited by:
James M. Royer, University of Massachusetts

A volume in the series: Current Perspectives on Cognition, Learning and Instruction. Editor(s): Matthew T. McCrudden, Victoria University of Wellington. Daniel H. Robinson, University of Texas.

Published 2003

Introduction, James M. Royer. The Development Of Math Competence In The Preschool And Early School Years: Cognitive Foundations And Instructional Strategies, Sharon Griffin. Perspectives On Mathematics Strategy Development, Martha Carr And Hillary Hettinger. Mathematical Problem Solving, Richard E. Mayer. Learning Disabilities In Basic Mathematics: Deficits In Memory And Cognition, David C. Geary And Mary K. Hoard. Relationships Among Basic Computational Automaticity, Working Memory, And Complex Mathematical Problem Solving: What We Know And What We Need To Know, Loel T. Tronsky And James M. Royer. Mathematics Instruction: Cognitive, Affective And Existential Perspectives, Allan Feldman. A Brief History Of American K-12 Mathematics Education In The 20th Century, David Klein. Assessment In Mathematics: A Developmental Approach, John Pegg.