Successful Reading Instruction

Edited by:
Michael L. Kamil, Stanford University
JoAnn B. Manning, Temple University
Herbert J. Walberg, University of Illinois - Chicago

A volume in the series: Research in Educational Productivity. Editor(s): Susan J. Paik, Claremont Graduate University.

Published 2002

Introduction and Overview. Michael L. Kamil, JoAnn B. Manning, and Herbert J. Walberg. Part I: Reading Research and Assessment. Successful Uses of Computer Technology for Reading Instruction. Helen S. Kim and Michael L. Kamil. How Can Children Be Taught to Comprehend Text Better? Michael Pressley and Katherine Hilden. Interventions for Children Experiencing Early Reading Difficulties. Rebecca Barr. From Policy to Practice: Using Literacy Standards in Early Reading Instruction. Deanna Birdyshaw, Ellen Pesko, Karen Wixson and Nina Yochum. Part II: Reading Instruction and Practice. Improving Reading Achievement Through Professional Development. Dorothy Strickland. Reading in Discipline/Content Materials. Donna E. Alvermann. Engagement and Motivation in Reading Instruction. John T. Guthrie. Good First Teaching: Making the Critical Difference for All Students. Gay Su Pinnell. Conclusions and Recommendations. Herbert J. Walberg, JoAnn B. Manning, and Michael L. Kamil.