Exploring Evaluator Role Identity

Edited by:
Katherine E. Ryan, University of Illinois - Champaign
Thomas A. Schwandt, University of Illinois - Champaign

A volume in the series: Evaluation and Society. Editor(s): Jennifer C. Greene, University of Illinois - Champaign. Stewart I. Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University.

Published 2002

Introduction. Three Frameworks for Considering Evaluator Role. Jean A. King and Laurie Stevahn. Toward Better Understanding of Alternative Evaluator Roles. Melvin M. Mark. Making (More) Room at the Evaluation Table for Ethnography: Contributions to the Responsive Constructivist Generation. Rodney K. Hopson. Evaluation in an Organizational World. Peter Dahler-Larsen. Evaluation as Responsibility, Conscience, and Conviction. Christina Segerholm. The Evaluator’s Role in the Transformative Context. Donna M. Mertens. Hidden Images of Self. Tineke A. Abma. Performing Evaluation. Norman K. Denzin. Future Imperfect: Evaluation in Dystopian Times. Ian Stronach, Rob Halsall, and Dave Hustler. Traversing the Terrain of Role, Identity, and Self. Thomas A. Schwandt.