Let's Grandparent

Activity Guide for Young Grandchildren

JoAn Vaughan

Published 2008

With baby boomers swelling the ranks of grandparents, there is a large and growing audience for Let’s Grandparent. There are no other books on the market with the variety of content or perspective presented in this book. With its emphasis upon the crucial early years, it has special appeal for new grandparents and those with young grandchildren. During this honeymoon period grandparents are typically enthusiastic about their new role and eager to learn all they can to make the most of time spent with their grandchildren. They want it to be fun, have an educational value, and strengthen close intimate bonds. Let's Grandparent shows them how to achieve these goals through an in-depth understanding of child development, over four hundred kid-tested activities and tips for simple but satisfying experiences together. The author brings together her personal experience as an enthusiastic grandparent with her professional career in early childhood education to create this insightful and enjoyable guide.

The intended audience for this book is grandparents with young grandchildren, especially targeted for a well-educated, middle-class audience and grandparents of both men and women in their late middle-age and early retirement years

• Parents of young children, who often are looking for ways to encourage closer connections between their children and their grandparents
• Anyone wishing to form a close relationship with a young child, such as other relatives or mentors to young children
• Participants of workshops and classes for grandparents
• Early childhood education (National Association for the Education of Young Children and Association of Childhood Education International)

Introduction: Let's Begin: Merging Personal and Professional Experiences. 1 Let's Grandparent: Learning New Grandparenting Skills. 2 Let's Do Art: Moving from Scribbles to Narrative Art. 3 Let's Talk: Enhancing with Fingerplays, Stories, and Rhymes. 4 Let's Read and Write: Climbing the Literacy Ladder. 5 Let's Go: Exploring the Community. 6 Let's Explore: Discovering with Sand and Silly Stuff. 7 Let's Play Games: Playing with Cards and Computers. 8 Let's Pretend: Becoming Pirates and Princesses. 9 Let's Cook: Making Special Treats and Cute Creations. 10 Let's Celebrate: Launching Birthday and Holiday Traditions. 11 Let's Give Gifts: Giving the Right Gift at the Right Time. 12 Let's Make Gifts: Creating Hats, Hearts, and Handprints. Conclusion: Let's Look Ahead: Expanding Options. Index of Activities. References