International Public Financial Management Reform

Progress, Contradictions, and Challenges

Edited by:
James Guthrie, The University of Sydney
Christopher Humphrey, The University of Manchester
Lawrence R. Jones, Naval Postgraduate School
Olov Olson, Göteborg University

A volume in the series: Research in Public Management. Editor(s): Lawrence R. Jones, Naval Postgraduate School.

Published 2005

This book is intended to give readers detailed information and perspectives on the reform of financial management reform practices in a variety of national settings around the world. The chapters explore the reform agenda in each nation and factors that stimulated change. Each chapter addresses the extent of the influence of "New Public Management" concepts and practices on reform implementation. The nations whose experience is represented in this book are among the most often cited examples of progressive change to be examined and perhaps emulated by governments in other nations. In the introductory chapter the editors address the question whether and to what extent the financial management reforms detailed in the book reveal real progress or a progression of questions and dilemmas faced but not solved over the past several decades.

International Developments in Public Sector Financial Management: A Question of Progress Or A Progression Of Questions? Contradictions and Challenges, Christopher Humphrey, James Guthrie, L. R. Jones, Olov Olson. Recent Public Sector Financial Management Change in Australia: Implementing the Market Model, Linda M English, James Guthrie, Lee D Parker. New Public Management Reforms in Canada: Success and Failure? David J Cooper, Ken Ogata. Eastern European Nations and New Public Financial Management, Emidia Vagnoni. Npm and The Irish Public Sector: From Reluctant Reformer to Statutory Codification, Geraldine Robbins, Irvine Lapsley. Public Sector Financial Management Reform in Italy, Riccardo Mussari. New Zealand Public Sector Management and Accounting Reforms: The Hidden Agenda, Susan Newberry, June Pallot. Public Sector Financial Management Reform in Spain, Vicente Pina, and Lourdes Torres. Public Sector Accounting Reforms in A Welfare State in Transition: The Case Of Sweden, Olov Olson, Kerstin Sahlin-Andersson. A Reflection on Accounting Reforms in Dutch Government, Henk J. ter Bogt, G. Jan van Helden. Financial Management in the Uk Public Sector: Historical Development, Current Issues and Controversies, Danny S. L. Chow, Christopher G. Humphrey, Peter B. Miller. Contemporary Public Financial Management And Budget Reform in the U.S. Federal Government, L. R. Jones, Jerry L. McCaffery.