Nordic Childhoods and Early Education

Philosophy, Research, Policy and Practice in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

Edited by:
Johanna Einarsdottir, Iceland University of Education
John A. Wagner, Michigan State University

A volume in the series: International Perspectives on Educational Policy, Research and Practice. Editor(s): Peter Moyi, University of South Carolina. Supriya Baily, George Mason University. Ayesha Khurshid, Florida State University.

Published 2006

In this book, noted Nordic researchers and teacher educators provide insights into early childhood discourses and practices in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In addition to these insiders’ perspectives, an American scholars explore Nordic themes, trends, and practices as they emerge in the book's chapters on such varied topics as Nordic childhoods, children's perspectives, preschool teacher education reforms and developments, transition from preschool to primary school, learning through play, caregiving and instruction.

Preface, Bernard Spodek. Nordic Ideals as Reflected in Nordic Childhoods and Early Education, Johanna Einarsdottir and Judith T. Wagner. The Making of Nordic Childhoods, Baldur Kristjánsson. Will There Be Any Preschool Teachers in the Future? A Comment on Recent Teacher Education Reforms in Sweden, Jan Erik Johansson. The Social Game of Early Childhood Education: The Case of Norway, Torill Strand. Teaching and Learning in Preschool and the First Years of Elementary School in Sweden, Ingrid Pramling Samuelson. Finnish Daycare: Caring, Education and Instruction, Anneli Niikko. Between Two Traditions–Between Two Continents: Early Chilhood Education in Iceland, Johanna Einarsdottir. Learning and Development through Play, Pentti Hakkarainen. Children’s Perspectives on their Childhood Experiences, Stig Broström. Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education: Challanging Taken-for-Granted Ideas, Hillevi Lenz Taguchi. An Outsider’s Perspective: Childhoods and Early Education in the Nordic Countries, Judith T. Wagner.