Global Organizing Designs

Edited by:
George B. Graen, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (retired)
Joan A. Graen, Graen and Associates

A volume in the series: LMX Leadership: The Series. Editor(s): George B. Graen, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (retired).

Published 2005

This third volume of LMX Leadership: The Series addresses the question of how leaders prepare their teams for required loosely directed, highly coordinated, and above all, flexible operations. It is our hope that this volume will stimulate scholarly sweat, blood, and tears needed to make continued progress toward our goal of understanding how the powerful tools of relational leadership can be employed properly to create the flexible organizational structures required to compete successfully in the environmental turbulence of the 21st century. As we stated before, the rapidly changing information age is all around us and we are struggling to cope with our out-dated, rigid bureaucratic structures. The “China Price” has redefined the standards of performance world wide and they cannot be met with obsolete organizing designs.

Communication as Antecedents and Consequences of LMX Development Globally: A New Strong Inference Approach. Jaesub Lee. Social Influence from the Bottom Up: A Process Model of LMX Development. Wayne Hochwarter and Stephanie L. Castro. LMX Differentiation: Key concepts and related empirical findings. John Maslyn and Mary Uhl-Bien. Core and Context. Henry Thibodeaux and Rosemary Hays-Thomas. Peer Leadership in Self-Managing Teams: Examining Team Leadership Through a Social Network Analytic Approach. Charlotte Gerstner and Paul E. Tesluk. Japanese Models of Managerial Progress Sponsored, Tournament, and Two-Stage Mobility. George Graen, Mitsuru Wakabayashi and Ravi Dharwadkar. Dyadic Leadership and Organizational Outcomes - Different Results for Different Instruments? Birgit Schyns and Tina Paul. Three Dyadic Leadership Theories: Comparative Multiple Hypotheses Testing. George Graen. The Determinants of the LMX Exchange: Genetic Influences? Satoris S. Youngcourt, Zhen Zhang and Rich Arvey. Proper Levels of Analysis, Hierarchical Linear Models and Leadership Theories. George Graen and Dora Lau.