Making It Work

Educating the Blind/Visually Impaired Student in the Regular School

Edited by:
Carol Castellano

A volume in the series: Critical Concerns in Blindness. Editor(s): Edward C. Bell, Louisiana Tech University.

Published 2006

“Making It Work is destined to be the definitive guide for years to come on how to make the regular school education a successful experience for blind/visually impaired children. With chapters flowing logically and full of detailed, useful information, it will be an essential handbook for school staff, specialized service providers, and parents of blind/visually impaired children. This is an exquisite, enlightened guide for the education of blind/visually impaired children in the new millennium.”

~ Joe Cutter, Early Childhood O&M Specialist

"With its scope, attention to detail, and skillful presentation of the larger issues involved in the education of students who are blind/visually impaired in regular school, Making It Work is a timely and most welcome resource for educational teams."

~ Missy Garber, Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Why the Regular School? Raising Expectations. A Skills Definition of Blindness. The Skills and Tools of Blindness. Setting the Stage for Success: Essentials That Must Be in Place. Writing IEP Goals and Objectives. Specifics for Classroom Teachers. Accessing the Curriculum: Classroom Techniques and Subject Guide. The Role of the Teacher’s Aide. Adapting Materials. Technology. Report from the Classroom: Inspiration and Advice from Those Who Have Been There. Resources. References.