Contemporary Issues in Educational Policy and School Outcomes

Edited by:
Wayne K. Hoy, The Ohio State University
Cecil Miskel, University of Michigan

A volume in the series: Research and Theory in Educational Administration. Editor(s): Arnold B. Danzig, San José State University. William R. Black, University of South Florida.

Published 2006

This book is the fifth in a series on research and theory dedicated to advancing our understanding of schools through empirical study and theoretical analysis. Scholars, both young and established, are invited to publish original analyses, but we especially encourage young scholars to contribute to this series. The current volume is similar to its predecessors in that it provides a mix of beginning and established scholars and a broad range of theoretical perspectives; in all 14 authors contributed to 9 separate but related analyses, which were selected for publication this year.

Editor’s Comments. Coalitions In State Reading Policy Issue Networks, Tarmara V. Young and Cecil Miskel. The Devil Made Me Do It: The Genesis of Extreme Advocacy Coalitions in State Reading Policy, Thomas V. Sheply. Representation in the Age of Choice: Implications for Policy and Research, Ann Allen. “Values” Politics and No Child Left Behind, Robert O. Slater and Mario S Torres, Jr. Toward a More Refined Theory of School Effects: A Study of the Relationship Between Professional Community and Mathematic Teaching in Elementary School, Laura M. Desimone. Academic Optimism of Schools: A Second-Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Wayne K. Hoy, C. John Tarter, and Anita Woolfolk Hoy. Teacher Leadership and Instructional Improvement: Teachers Perspectives, Melidna Mangin. Research Into Practice: A Case Study of How Success For All Builds Knowledge For School Improvement, Amanda Datnow and Vicki Park. An Enduring Tension: Kindergarten Education in an Era of Accountability, Jennifer Lin Russell. About the Authors.