Explorations in Curriculum History

Edited by:
Sherry L. Field, University of Texas at Austin

A volume in the series: Research in Curriculum and Instruction. Editor(s): Cheryl J. Craig, University of Houston.

Published 2005

Introduction: Lynn M. Burlbaw and Sherry L. Field. Curriculum: A Field of Work The Inglis Surveys: Social Efficiency Thesis Anomalies, William G. Wraga. Prelude to Professional Identity and Organization: American Public School Curriculum Workers and Their Annual Meetings, 1927-1929, O.L. Davis, Jr. More Than 10,000 Teachers: Hollis L. Caswell and the Virginia Curriculum Revision Program, Lynn M. Burlbaw. Action Research: An Early History in the U.S., Arthur W. Foshay. Twilight Conversations with A. W. Foshay, Jennifer Deets. Curriculum: A Life’s Work William Chandler Bagley and Normal School Education in the Mountains of Montana (1902-1906), J. Wesley Null. ‘Mentors and Teachers’: The Teaching Methods of Woodrow Wilson and Lucy Salmon, Chara Haeussler Bohan. Early 20th Century Changes in New Mexico Curriculum and the Emergence of One Progressive Educator, J. Wesley Null and Matthew D. Davis. Mary G. Kelty: The Most Important Social Educator No One Has Heard Of, Keith C. Barton. Mary G. Kelty: An Ironic Tale of Remembrance, Margaret S. Crocco. Woman as Force in Social Education: The Gendering of Social Studies in the Twentieth Century, Linda S. Levstik. Mary Kelty Amidst a Cloud of Witnesses: Another Step in the Recovery of an Aroused Sense of Our Past, O.L. Davis, Jr. Democracy and Social Action: An Introduction to the Ideas of Deborah Partridge Wolfe, Stephanie Van Hover. A Generation of Defiance and Change: An Oral History of Texas Educator and Activist Blandina “Bambi” Cardenas, Cinthia Salinas. Curriculum: Shaping Institutions Monasticism: Its Influence on Education in Ireland and the Content in Early Centuries, Ann Maureen Pliska. Mexican American Education: An Elementary School Case Study, Mary S. Black. The Aftermath of Central High: Surviving 1958-1959, Judy D. Butler. A Class Unto Themselves: The Social Curriculum of Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Elaine Clft Gore. Curriculum: A Response to Crisis Schooling in the Service of the State: Great War Foreshadowing of Changed American Educational Purpose, O.L. Davis, Jr. The Justification of Geometry in the American High School Curriculum: A Historical Overview, Eric A. Pandiscio. Espana Nuestra: The Molding of Primary School Children for a Fascist Spain, Ron W. Wilhelm. Teaching the Peace: Teachers and Social Studies Curriculum, 1943-1945, Sherry L. Field "Pinko Teachers and Commie Educators": The National Education Association Confronts the “Red Scare,” 1945-1955, Stuart J. Foster.

"Explorations in Curriculum History ... is a worthy effort that can help us to see historical echoes in present day curricular and policy debates." Mark Nagasawa in Education Review