Literacy and the Second Language Learner

Edited by:
JoAnn Hammadou Sullivan, University of Rhode Island

A volume in the series: Research in Second Language Learning. Editor(s): Bogum Yoon, State University of New York at Binghamton.

Published 2002

Introduction: Efforts to Make the Invisible Visible, JoAnn Hammadou Sullivan. Theoretical Developments in Reading Chinese and Japanese as Foreign Languages, Michael E. Everson. Technological Literacy and Its Implications for Foreign Language Education, Michael Fast. Teaching a Foreign Language to At-Risk Learners: Research and Practice, Richard L. Sparks, Elke Schneider and Leonore Ganschow. Secondary Spanish Teachers' Beliefs and Practices for the Teaching of Reading, Leslie L. Schrier and Terri Ann Gebel. Interaction of Form and Meaning in Foreign Language Writingl Sufumi So. What Should Teachers Know about Bilinguals and the Reading Process? Andrew D. Cohen and Rosalind Horowitz. Electronic Message Boards in the Foreign Language Classroom: Another Forum for the Computer Mediated Communication? Rebecca L. Chism. The Effects of Passage Content in Second Language Reading by Gender Across Instructional Levels, Cindy Brantmeier. Reading between the Lines: Detecting, Decoding, and Understanding Idioms in Second Languages, John I. Liontas. Advanced Second Language Readers' Inferencing, JoAnn Hammadou Sullivan. When Phonological Limitations Compromise Literacy: A Connectionist Approach to Enhancing the Phonological Competence of Heritage Language Speakers of Spanish, Maria M. Carreira. Literacy in Digital Environments: Connecting Communities of Language Learners, Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, Ann Johns, Honorine Nocon and James N. Davis.