Culture as the Core

Perspective on Culture in Second Language Education

Edited by:
Dale L. Lange, University Of Minnesota

A volume in the series: Research in Second Language Learning. Editor(s): Bogum Yoon, State University of New York at Binghamton.

Published 2003

This volume presents the very important issue of integrating culture into the second language classroom. Some of its chapters were originally presented at two symposia on culture learning, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Culture learning in the Second Language Curriculum, held at the University of Minnesota in 1991 and 1994. Other chapters were developed at a third conference, Culture as the Core: Transforming the Language Curriculum. The latter brought scholars and practitioners together to reflect on the earlier theoretical discussions, refine those ideas in light of subsequent theoretical developments, and translate theory into classroom practice.

Introduction. Dale L. Lange (Emeritus) and R. Michael Paige. PART I: Culture as the Core: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Culture Teaching and Learning in the Second Language Curriculum. Extending Communicative Concepts in the Second Language Curriculum: A Sociolinguistic Perspective, Muriel Saville-Troike. Teaching along the Cultural Faultline, Claire Kramsch. A Linguistic Anthropological Perspective on Language and Culture in the Second Language Curriculum, Jill Brody. Culture in Second Language Learning and Teaching: Anthropology Revisited, Robert C. Lafayette. Closing the Language and Culture Gap: An Intercultural-Communication Perspective, Louise Damen. Theoretical Foundations of Intercultural Training and Applications to the Teaching of Culture, Shelley L. Smith, R. Michael Paige and Inge Steglitz. A Critical Perspective on Culture in the Second Language Classroom. Linda M. Crawford and Peter McLaren. PART II: Culture as the Core: Integrating Culture into Second Language Curriculum. National Standards for Foreign language Learning: Culture the Driving Force, June K. Phillips. Culture Learning in Language Education: A Review of the Literature. R. Michael Paige, Helen Jorstad, Laura Siaya, Francine Klein and Jeanette Colby. Developing Intercultural Competence in the Language Classroom, Janet M. Bennett, Milton J. Bennett and Wendy Allen. Implications of Theory and Research for the Development of Principles for Teaching and Learning Culture in Second Language Classrooms. Dale L. Lange. Future Directions for Culture Teaching and Learning: Implications of the New Culture Standards and Theoretical Frameworks for Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, and Research. Dale L. Lange.

"Collectively, these articles provide a much-needed examination of culture teaching in the second and foreign language classroom with reasoned arguments regarding the goal of cultural competence. They do not shy away from difficult issues, including the inherent challenges of culture teaching or the complexities of articulating our understanding of the term culture." Julie A. Storme Saint Mary's College