Defining and Redefining Gender Equity in Education

Edited by:
Janice Koch, Hofstra University
Beverly Irby, Sam Houston State University

A volume in the series: Research on Women and Education. Editor(s): Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University. Julia Ballenger, Texas A&M University, Commerce.

Published 2002

In the past 25 years there has been an enormous increase in the amount of research exploring issues of gender and schooling. New journals have been established, and in the older journals, special issues have been devoted to addressing gender equity in education.

For the editors this has raised some questions and concerns as we organized the topics for this first volume of the Research on Women and Education book series.

Preface, Maxine Greene. Introduction, Janice Koch and Beverly Irby. Part I: Defining Gender Equity. What is the Field of Gender Equity in Education? Questions & Answers, Susan Klein, Patricia Ortman, and Beth Friedman. Research and Evaluation on Gender Equity in Education, Pat Campbell, Lesli Hoey, and Lesley Perlman. Part II: Advancing Gender Equity. Women Leaders: Creating Equitable School Environments, Cryss Brunner, Madison and Genevieve Brown. Gender Equity in the Academy, Joanne Cooper. Gender Equity in Science and Mathematics Education: Barriers of the Mind, Penny Hammrich. Gender Equity in Technology Education, Jo Sanders. Sexual Violence in Schools, Charol Shakeshaft. Part III: Redefining Gender Equity. Black Women: Winning or Losing?, Charlotte Harris. Latinas in the Ivory Tower: The Road to Restructuring Tenure Policies, Rosita Marcano. Going Beyond Sex Equity, Patricia Schmuck, Celeste Brody and Nancy Nagel. Redefining Gender Equity. Janice Koch, and Beverly Irby. About the Contributors

"The book is written in an accessible style, useful for undergraduates studying education or gender in the US, and for those from outside who want background on the US context at the turn of the century. Although the book has not been written for an international audience, it covers themes of relevance globally, and has parallels with gender equity concerns in many others countries since the 1970s." Janet Raynor University of London, UK

"Overall, Defining and Redefining Gender Equity in Education serves as an important addition to the field of research on gender equity. Through the variety of topics covered, editors Janice Koch and Beverly Irby present an overview of the basics of the field, contemporary issues in gender equity, and where the field is heading. In addition to providing interesting research, many of the articles offer practical suggestions for implementation of policies to combat gender inequity in schools. As such, this volume is appropriate for use by those exploring gender equity for the first time as well as for those who have made its study their passion. Anyone who is committed to the ideals of honoring and integrating women and men from all backgrounds into an equitable society will find Defining and Redefining Gender Equity in Education to be a valuable resource." Margaret Sallee The Ohio State University