Adolescence and Education

General Issues in the Education of Adolescents

Edited by:
Tim Urdan, Santa Clara University
Frank Pajares, Emory University

A volume in the series: Adolescence and Education. Editor(s): Daniela K. DiGiacomo, University of Kentucky. Erica Van Steenis, University of California Irvine.

Published 2002

In this inaugural volume, we solicited chapters from leading scholars in a variety of fields related to education. Our aim was to provide a broad overview of several of the most pressing concerns regarding the education of adolescent students. The volume begins with an historical perspective from Barbara Finklestein, who provides background regarding America’s changing perceptions of adolescence as a developmental period and how American society has approached the task of educating this age group over time. This is followed by chapters from Carol Midgley and from Sanford Dornbusch and Jeanne Kaufman regarding the organization, purpose, and function of schools designed to serve early and late adolescents. Midgley uses an achievement goal theory lens to analyze middle level schools; Dornbusch and Kaufman consider senior high schools, adopting a more sociological perspective.

Foreword, Tim Urdan and Frank Pajares. Is Adolescence Here to Stay? Historical Perspectives on Youth and Education, Barbara Finkelstein. A Goal Theory Perspective on the Current Status of Middle Level Schools, Carol Midgley. The Social Structure of the American High School, Sanford M. Dornbusch and Jeanne G. Kaufman. Social Relationships and School Adjustment, Kathryn R. Wentzel and Ann A. Battle. Teaching Adolescents: Engaging Developing Selves, Anita Woolfolk Hoy, Peter Demerath, and Stephen Pape. Motivation in the Second Decade of Life: The Role of Multiple Developmental Trajectories, Akane Zusho and Paul R. Pintrich. The Effects and Implications of High Stakes Achievement Tests For Adolescents, Marguerite Clarke, Lisa Abrams, and George Madaus. Race and Gender Influences on Teen Parenting: An Identity-Focused Cultural-Ecological Perspective, Margaret Beale Spencer, Lauren J. Silver, Gregory Seaton. Sharon R. Tucker, Michael Cunningham, and Vinay Harpalani. Dropping Out of High School: Detours in the Life Course, Philip Kaufman.