New Perspectives on Women Entrepreneurs

Edited by:
John E. Butler, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A volume in the series: Research in Entrepreneurship and Management. Editor(s): John E. Butler, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Published 2003

List of Contributors. New Perspectives on Women Entrepreneurs: An Introduction, John E. Butler. Feminist Theory and the Study Of Entrepreneurship, Margaret J. Greer and Patricia G. Greene. Comparing Social Feminism and Liberal Feminism: The Case of New Firm Growth, Nancy M. Carter and Mary L. Williams. Exploring Leadership Vision: New Perspectives on Women Entrepreneurs And Executives Exploring Leadership Vision, Barbara Bird and Candida Brush. Female Entrepreneurship in Germany: Context, Development and its Reflection in German Media, Leona Achtenhagen and Friederike Welter. Women Entrepreneurs: Breaking Through the Glass Barrier, Nan S. Langowitz and Claudia Morgan. Women Micro Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong: Balancing the Personal with the Business, Evelyn G. H. Ng and Catherine W. Ng. Are the Barriers to Business Start-Up Greater for Female Recent Graduate Entrepreneurs (Frges) than Male Recent Graduate Entrepreneurs (Mrges)?, Richael Connolly, Bill O’Gorman and Joe Bogue. Accounting for Change: Professionalism as A Challenge to Gender Disadvantage in Entrepreneurship, Sara Carter and Sue Marlow. In Search of a New Celtic Tiger: - Female Entrepreneurship in Ireland, Colette Henry and Sarah Kennedy. Women Business Owners and Managers in Poland, Richard T. Bliss, Lidija Polutnik and Ewa Lisowska. Female Entrepreneurship in Post Soviet Countries, Friederike Welter, David Smallbone, Elena Aculai, Nina Isakova and Natalja Schakirova. About The Contributors.