Culture, Motivation and Learning

A Multicultural Perspective

Edited by:
Farideh Salili, The University of Hong Kong
Rumjahn Hoosain, The University of Hong Kong

A volume in the series: Research in Multicultural Education and International Perspectives. Editor(s): Fred Dervin, University of Helsinki, Finland. Zehavit Gross, Bar Ilan University.

Published 2007

The influence of culture on learning and motivation has been the topic of much research in recent years. Educational and psychological researchers are now aware that the findings of their studies may not apply to other cultures, and that in this age of globalization and multiculturalism it is very important to examine the applicability of psychoeducational constructs to other cultures. Understanding learning and motivational characteristics of students of diverse backgrounds will enable educators to develop appropriate curriculum and teaching strategies to motivate these students.

The aim of this book is to present research findings and views of scholars and researchers in the field of motivation and learning, from a multicultural and international perspective. Educators and scholars from different parts of the world have examined recent learning and motivation theories in different cultural contexts in order to explore the dynamics of sociocultural processes affecting student motivation. Others have focused on teaching and learning strategies that are known to be effective with culturally diverse students.

List of Contributors. Preface. Introduction. Culture, Motivation And Learning: A Multicultural Perspective, Farideh Salili and Rumjahn Hoosain. Part I: Cultural Influence On Learning Motivation. Culturalizing Educational Psychology, Frank Pajares. Cultural Interpretations Of Achievement Motivation: A Situated Perspective, Revathy Kumar and Martin L. Maehr. Part II: Achievement Motivation And Goal Theories. Expectancy and Value as Predictors of Chinese Achievement Goal Orientation, Irene T. Ho, Kit-Tai Hau, and Farideh Salili. Culture and Motivation to Learn: Exploring the Generalizability of Achievement Goal Theory, Akane Zusho and Hyacinth Njoku. Perception of Learning Conditions and the Quality of Cooperative Learning, Monique Boekaerts and Daphne Hijzen. Is Mastery Orientation Always Beneficial for Learning? Anastasia Efklides and Fotini Dina. Personal Investment, Culture and Learning: Insights Into the Most Salient Influences On School Achievement Across Cultural Groups, Dennis M McInerney. PART III: Cooperative/Competitive Learning. Understanding The Effect Of Culture On The Pursuit Of Multiple Goals, Learning Through Collaboration: Is There A Multicultural Perspective? Alison F Garton. The Nature Of Competition: The Views of Students From Three Regions of The People's Republic Of China, David Watkins. Competition and Cooperation In Schools: An English, Hungarian and Slovenian Comparison, Márta Fülöp, Alistair Ross, Marjanca Pergar Kuscer, and Cveta Razdevsek Pucko. Part IV: School Climate, Group Membership And Achievement. Racial Identity and Academic Motivation Among African American Adolescents: Considerations of Racial Identity and Context, Deborah Rivas and Tabbye Chavous. Achievement Motivation Among African American College Students At Predominantly White Institutions: Risk And Protective Processes Related To Group Identity and Contextual Experiences, Tabbye Chavous, LaToya Branch, Courtney Cogburn, Tiffany Griffin, Jennifer Maddo and Robert Sellers. High School Students' Engagement in School: Understanding the Relationship to School Context and Students Expectations, Cynthia Hudley and Annette M. Daoud.