Emerging Thought and Research on Student, Teacher, and Administrator Stress and Coping

Edited by:
Gordon S. Gates, Washington State University
Mimi Wolverton
Walter H. Gmelch, University of San Francisco

A volume in the series: Research on Stress and Coping in Education. Editor(s): Christopher J. McCarthy, University of Texas at Austin. Richard G. Lambert, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Published 2007

This collection of chapters presents research focused on emerging strategies, paradigms, and theories on the sources, experiences, and consequences of stress, coping, and prevention pertaining to students, teachers and administrators. Studies analyze data collected through action research, program evaluation, surveys, qualitative interviewing, auto ethnography, and mixed methods gathered from students and educators in the United States, Italy, Holland, Turkey, and Australia.

Foreword, Kathleen A Moore. Adolescent Problem Solving Efficacy and Coping Strategy Usage in a Population of Australian Adolescents, Ramon Lewis and Erica Frydenberg. The Best of Coping: Improving Coping Strategies in Italian Adolescents, Lea Ferrari, Laura Nota, Salvatore Soresi and Erica Frydenberg. Yoga as an Anxiety Reducing Technique with Elementary Students, Michael Brooks. Understanding and Addressing Attendance Problems in Urban Schools, Jeffrey J. Wood. Teachers’ Stress and Gender Perceptions of Challenging Student Behavior, H.A. Everaert and J.C. van der Wolf. Teacher Occupational Stress in Istanbul, Zeynep Kiziltepe. Teacher Stress and Classroom Structural Characteristics in Elementary Settings, Richard G. Lambert, Christopher McCarthy, Megan O’Donnell, and Lauren Melendres. The Predictive Value of the Job Demands-Resource Model for Elementary Principal Burnout, Julie P. Combs, Sherion H. Jackson, and Stacey L. Edmonson. Identity Fusion or Fission? A Look at How Gay School Administrators Fit their Personal Identities with their Professional Lives, Autumn Tooms and Jason McGlothlin. Dialogical Narrative: A Theoretical Model for Inquiry and Sense Making, Daniel Markoe Miller. Mixed Methods Research: A New Direction for the Study of Stress and Coping, Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Qun G. Jiao, and Kathleen M. T. Collins.

"Emerging Thought and Research on Student, Teacher, and Administrator Stress and Coping, edited by Gordon Gates is the fifth book in this series. The volume’s eleven chapters, representing the work of twenty-three different authors, cover four related but distinct areas: student stress and coping; teacher stress; administrator stress; and new directions for research in education stress and coping. The chapters provide a very useful introduction to, and overview of, stress and coping literature and emerging research issues as they relate to education. At the same time, because the volume covers such a very broad topic, the different chapters represent an eclectic presentation of stress and coping issues, research methods, and settings from around the world; Australia, Holland, Italy, Turkey and the United States." Craig L. Esposito University of Connecticut in Education Review