Exploring Values Through Literature, Multimedia, and Literacy Events

Making Connections

Edited by:
Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt, Le Moyne College
Ann Watts Pailliotet, Whitman College

Published 2008

Exploring Values Through Multimedia, Literature and Literacy Events was written by teachers and educational researchers for classrooms and schools interested in developing learning communities that develop critical and compassionate future citizens. Through the use of specific multimedia, literature and literacy events, this book presents numerous ways for classroom teachers and schools to promote respectful, responsible, caring, and sharing students in a democratic society. Beginning with Plato’s message that we cannot let the formation of good citizens to chance, Exploring Values Through Multimedia, Literature and Literacy Events takes the reader through a brief history of character education and moral development and a summary of multimedia’s impact on our lives. The chapters that follow are devoted to teacher tested classroom and school programs, activities, and resources for the understanding of diverse human perspectives. Included in several chapters are the unique ways classes might analyze how and why information is presented in the media. Due to the constant media bombardment on our lives, the goal if this volume is to support our students as they discern the meanings of truth and justice.

Foreword, Barbara J. Diamond. Acknowledgments. Contributors. Introduction, Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt and Ann Watts Pailliotet. SECTION I: STUDENT-TEACHER CONNECTIONS. Children Reading Meaning in Their Stories and Lives: Connecting With Student Response, Cynthia Benton DeCorse. Critical Media Literacy and Values: Connecting With the 5 Ws, Ann Watts Pailliotet. SECTION II: HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTIONS. The ABCs of Cultural Understanding and Communication: Teacher Assistants Learn to Respect, Appreciate, and Apply Differences in Literacy Instruction, Shelley Hong Xu. Connecting Home and School Values Through Multicultural Literature and Family Stories, Brigette B. Laier, Patricia A. Edwards, Gwendolyn T. McMillon, and Jennifer D. Turner. Beware of Literacy Software: Connecting With Home and School Values, Cathy Leogrande. SECTION III: CONTENT AREA CONNECTIONS. Historical Fiction Picture Books and Values: An Author’s Reflections, Deborah Hopkinson. Technology and Values: Connecting With Classroom Literacy Learning, Elizabeth A. Baker. Inquiry and Literacy Learning in Science: Connecting in a Classroom Community, Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt. SECTION IV: SCHOOLWIDE CONNECTIONS. Schoolwide Approaches for Teaching Values Through Literature and Multimedia: Connecting Across Classrooms, Matthew L. Davidson. SECTION V: GLOBAL CONNECTIONS. Multicultural Books and Values: Connecting With People and Places, Jane Kurtz. Magical Tales and Values: Connecting With Heroes and Sheroes, Ann Watts Pailliotet and Michelle Refvik Shaul. CONCLUSION. Unraveling the Curriculum of Global Values, Ladislaus M. Semali. Author Index. Children’s Literature Author Index. Subject Index.