Journal of Character Education

Call for Papers:

Educational Leaders: Character and virtue

Special Issue Editors: Melinda C. Bier, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Stephen A. Sherblom, Lindenwood University
All correspondence:

The Journal of Character Education is soliciting articles for an upcoming Special Issue devoted to the development and practices of virtuous educational leaders. By virtuous leaders we mean those people who are concerned with creating environments in which the development of good character is a priority; and themselves operate with good character. In our pluralistic, multi-cultural society, many educational leaders have felt it beyond their mission to get staff and students, let alone families to support any specific set of values beyond the performance virtues necessary for academic success and operational efficiency. Is this perception accurate? Are expectations changing? What does it mean, in today’s society, to lead virtuously, and how can we develop those persons who would be virtuous leaders?

A wide range of questions and topics are relevant to this Special Issue, including:
  • What is virtuous / ethical leadership?
  • Which virtues? Whose ethics? Whose idea of leadership?
  • Is there a common character among exemplary educational leaders?
  • What virtues are most relevant to educational leadership?
  • Leadership training and developing ethical leaders; dispositions & virtues;
  • Are these qualities and virtues different for educational leaders than other leaders?
  • How context-dependent is ethical / virtuous leadership?
  • Collaborative leadership: Leaders can be individuals or groups
  • Is it the character of the organization or characters in the organization?
  • The ethical tensions inherent in hierarchy and unequal power;
  • Ethical leadership challenges of mid-level leaders: ethics and autonomy;
  • Ethical process: values embodied; by people & organizational structure;
  • Consonance between leadership style and organizational goal;
  • Humility as a leadership virtue; character as a requirement;
  • What are the scope and limitations of virtuous leadership?
  • Leadership, followership, virtue and human nature;
Directions to Contributors

We encourage practitioner reflections, theoretical and conceptual work, research results, critical thinking contributions, and cross-disciplinary perspectives on virtues and leadership, especially as it pertains to educational leadership.

Those interested in contributing to this special issue should email the Guest Editors no later than May 15, 2018 at and include a 75-150 word summary / abstract of the paper you wish to write, with author(s) listed. Feedback will be given on all proposals within 2 weeks of receipt. Final manuscripts will be expected by December 15, 2018. Manuscripts will be 10-20 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 pt font, APA style. Authors’ name(s) should be absent from the full manuscript such that the file can be sent out for blind peer review, but the carrying email should contain author contact information.