Journal of Character Education

Vol. 8 #2, 2010

The Implied Character Curriculum in Vocational and Nonvocational English Classes: Designing Social Futures for Working Class Students and Their Teachers, Peter Smagorinsky, George L. Boggs, Cori Jakubiak, and Amy A. Wilson

School Climate in Middle Schools: A Cultural Perspective, Stephanie H. Schneider and Lauren Duran

Effects of a School Based Program to Improve Adaptive School Behavior and Social Competencies Among Elementary School Youth: The Living Skills Program, Kort C. Prince, Edward A. Ho, and Sharon B. Hansen

Trust Us: Documenting the Relationship of Students’ Trust in Teachers to Cognition, Character, And Culture, Michael W. Corrigan, Thomas J. Klein and Thelma Isaacs

Champions for Children: Reaching Out to Urban Youth Through Sports, F. Clark Power, Kristin K. Sheehan, Kara McCarthy, and Tom Carnevale

“All White Americans in the County” and Other Loaded Subjects: Race, Community, and Morality in a Second Grade Classroom, Inda L. Schaenen