Journal of Character Education

Vol. 15 #1, 2019

Editors’ Introduction
Marvin W. Berkowitz and Jacques S. Benninga

The Ideas of Dr. Chikuro Hiroike, Founder and Advocate of “Moralogy” on Moral Education, Osamu Nakayama and Kenichi Eshima

Chikuro Hiroike and Felix Adler: Secularization, Morality, and Education in Japan and the United States c. 1875–c. 1935, Peter A. Luff

What Can Moralogy Teach Us About Moral-Exemplar Methodology? Comparisons With Approaches Old and New, Kristján Kristjánsson

How Can We Empower a New Generation of Business Leaders Through Ethical Management Education? Claudio Andres Rivera

Predicting Purposefulness Among Intercollegiate Athletes, David Light Shields and Christopher D. Funk

It’s Not Hard; It Just Takes Hard Work, Matthew Williams