Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 9 #2, 2014


Preface, Frances R. Spielhagen
A Graduate Students’ Guide to Involvement in the Peer Review Process Middle Grades Research Journal Editorial Board

1. School-Based Interpersonal Relationships: Setting the Foundation for Young Adolescents’ Belonging in Middle School, Cheryl Ellerbrock, Sarah M. Kiefer, and Kathleen M. Alley

2. Ghost Children: Invisible Middle Level Students, Shirley M. Matteson

3. Investigating Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Their Learning Environments Through Drawings, Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Elizabeth Shaunessy, Jennie L. Farmer, Sharon N. E. Ray, and Harriet, J. Bessette.

4. The “Literature” of Literature Anthologies: An Examination of Text Types, Naomi M. Watkins and Lauren Aimonette Liang.

5. Middle School Students’ Perspectives of and Responses to Strategic Revision Instruction, Elizabeth G. Dinkins.

6. Just Chillin’ on the Quad: Middle Grades Students in College, Mary Beth Schaeffer and Lourdes M. Rivera.

7. Measuring the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Math Performance Among First-Generation College-Bound Middle School Students, Dick M. Carpenter II and Grant Clayton.

8. Am I a Mathematics Teacher who Teaches Middle Grades or a Middle Grades Teacher who Teaches Mathematics? Untangling the Multiple Identities of Preservice Teachers, Sarah E. Kasten, Christopher Austin, and Christa Jackson.