Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 7 #4, 2012


Guest Editors: Nancy B. Mizelle and Karynne L. M. Kleine

Foreword, Frances R. Spielhagen

Preface, Nancy B. Mizelle and Karynne L. M. Kleine, Guest Editors

1. For the Love of the Middle: A Glimpse Into Why One Group of Preervice Teachers Chose Middle Grades Education, Molly Mee, Heather Rogers Haverback, and Jeff Passe

2. In the Middle: Elementary Education Preservice Teachers’ Experiences, Efficacy, and Interest in the Education of Young Adolescents, Nicole C. Miller, Nicole L. Thompson, and Jianzhong Xu

3. A Case Study of Teacher Identity Development in Middle Level Student Teachers, Fanni L. Coward, Shirley M. Matteson, Doug Hamman

4. Conceptualizing Developmentally Responsive Teaching in Early Field Experiences, Penny B. Howell

5. In Search of the Middle School Teacher: Navigating Research, Reality, and Mission, Rong-Ji Chen, Erika Daniels, Mae S. Chaplin, Moses Ochanji, Laurie P. Stowell, and Janet E. McDaniel