Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 7 #2, 2012

Special Theme: Multicultural Education in Middle Grades Settings

Guest Editors: Bogum Yoon, State University of New York at Binghamton and Francine Falk-Ross, Pace University.

Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor’s Preface, Vicki L. Schmitt and David L. Hough.

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Multicultural Education in Middle Grade Settings, Bogum Yoon and Francine Falk-Ross.

1. Storylines: Listening to Immigrant Students, Teachers, and Cultural-Bridge Persons Making Sense of Classroom Interactions, Martha Strickland.

2. Critical Pedagogy With the Oppressed and the Oppressors: Middle School Students Discuss Racism and White Privilege, Jill Flynn.

3. A Framework for Understanding Multicultural Identities: An Investigation of a Middle Level Student’s French-Canadian Honduran-American (Mestizo) Identity, Ellis Hurd.

4. Contesting Language Orientations: A Critical Multicultural Perspective on Local Language Policy in Two Middle Schools, Mikel Cole, Kelly Puzio, Christopher Keyes, Robert Jiménez, Lisa Pray, and Samuel David.

Special Theme Issue Reviewers