Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 7 #1, 2012

Special Focus on Curriculum Integration

Editor-in-Chief Preface, Vicki L. Schmitt.

Founding and Managing Editor’s Announcement, David L. Hough.

1. An Evaluation of Supplemental Reading Instruction for At-Risk Middle School Readers, Sheri Berkeley, Jennifer H. Lindstrom, Kelley Regan, Allison Nealy, Candice Southall, and Christina Stagliano.

2. An Examination of a Gender-Separate Advisory Program, Gary Weilbacher.

3. Developing Productive Dispositions During Small-Group Work in Two Sixth-Grade Mathematics Classrooms: Teachers’ Facilitation Efforts and Students’ Self-Reported Benefits, Amanda Jansen.

4. What Should Count as Data for Data-Driven Instruction? Toward Contextualized Data-Inquiry Models for Teacher Education and Professional Development, Shannon Pella.