Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 6 #4, 2011

Special Focus on Curriculum Integration
Guest Editors: Dave F. Brown, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Patrick K. Freer, Georgia State University
Guest Reviewers: Tufan Adiguzel, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul
Adam P. Harbaugh, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Judy Taylor, LeTourneau University
Jamaal Young, University of North Texas
Preface, Patrick K. Freer.
1. Curriculum Integration: Meaningful Learning Based on Students’ Questions, Dave F. Brown.
2. Student Learning and Engagement in the Context of Curriculum Integration, Kathleen Brinegar and Penny A. Bishop.
3. Inspire: The Quest for a Coherent Curriculum Through a Performing Arts-Focused Curriculum Integration Project, Katie Carlisle.
4. Teaching About and Through Curriculum Integration: How Two University Professors Organize Their Curriculum, Elizabeth Pate and Gert Nesin