Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 6 #3, 2011

Special Issue: Developmental Designs—A Character Education Approach to Classroom Management Preface, Vicki L. Schmitt. 1. Characteristics of Effective Professional Development: An Examination of the Developmental Designs Character Education Classroom Management Approach in Middle Grades Schools, David L. Hough. 2. Developmental Designs: A Description of the Approach and Implementation in Schools, Terrance Kwame-Ross, Linda Crawford, and Erin Klug. 3. An Ex Post Facto Examination of Relationships Among the Developmental Designs Professional Development Model/Classroom Management Approach, School Leadership, Climate, Student Achievement, Attendance, and Behavior in High Poverty, Middle Grades Schools, David L. Hough and Vicki L. Schmitt. 4. An Evaluation of the Developmental Designs Approach and Professional Development Model on Classroom Management in 22 Middle Schools in a Large, Midwestern School District, David L. Hough.